Sometimes it’s hard to move forward…especially when someone has wronged you.  Thoughts of justice can be invigorating. You play several different scenarios over and over in your mind…like an endless reel of tape. I should have said…Why didn’t I?…Why didn’t they?…If only I could…

In my experience, it is easier to look in the past and try to imagine “justice” rather than to look forward and move on without the apology or reconciliation I was looking for, even longing for…

Even though this may be the easier option, it is by far much more destructive. With the reel of tape stuck on repeat, you are just that…STUCK. You will not move forward in analyzing the past, wishing you could change it. Instead, your feet stay firmly planted in bitterness, anger, and hate.

A quote I heard yesterday really struck me. “Forgiveness is about absorbing the wrong that has been done to you.” Who wants to do that? I don’t know anyone that would prefer absorbing someone else’s wrong over seeking their own justice. But, in absorbing the wrong that has been done to you, you are taking a step (a very LARGE step into adulthood). You are no longer waiting or hoping for an apology (that most likely will never come). Instead, you have chosen to live a life of forgiveness…not excusing the wrong…not offering trust…but, extending forgiveness to those who have wronged you.

In absorbing the wrongs done to me, I am determined to move forward. I am no longer allowing the wrong-doer to take any more power or control in my life. I am my own person. I am an adult.

I will choose life.

I will choose hope.

I will choose forgiveness.

I will protect my mind.

I will protect my soul.

I will protect my heart…

Here’s to moving forward…in a mindset of forgiveness…bravely absorbing the wrongs others have done…guarding my trust, and protecting my dignity.

Here’s to moving forward…a new life…in the future…I will no longer look back and count the wrongs…

I am an adult.

Strong. Courageous. And reconciled to who I am called to be.


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