“Remind me this…with every decision, I can pass on a curse or a blessing to those I may never know…

To my great great great granddaughter, live in peace.”

The above lyrics belong to one of my favorite Sara Groves songs, “Generations.” Sometimes, I find it easy to forget that many of the positive or negative choices I make in life could possibly impact future generations in my family or outside of it. In our society, it is almost natural to  be concerned about just ourselves and our immediate future. We can quickly become consumed with What about ME?

I wonder how different each day would look if each of us stopped and thought will this positively impact my legacy? Now, I am not talking about what you would have for dinner, or what shoes you decide to wear. I’m talking about the major decisions. The decision to stay bitter. The decision to love instead of hate. The decision to say what you mean, rather than waiting until it’s too late. The decision of standing up for the values and dreams you believe in…

What would life look life if we all thought of our great great great grandchildren every once in a while?


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