Soundtrack of My Life

I love music.

This is only my third entry, yet the second time I have started an entry this way.

Dave Matthews is currently at the top of my playlist…his voice belting “so much we have dreamed…”

I have dreamed much. With dreams come disappointment. Disappointment can be used towards change…or you can become jaded.

As my birthday recently passed, I have thought about my 28 years. If you asked me as a young child what life would be like at 28, it would have looked very different than my current state. There would not have been heartache. No lies. No letdowns. No broken dreams. Only hope. Only creativity. Only love.

We have one of two choices–when our dreams die (or don’t materialize in the way we thought they would), will we change our expectations or continually expect disappointment?

When you have experienced true disappointment and heartache, it is easy to expect the other shoe to drop. In my own personal experience, I have been afraid to experience true happiness. What if I experience happiness only to have it taken from me? What if I am just setting myself up for more disappointment, more heartache? Even though it is tempting to subscribe to this way of thinking, it is a sure fire way to lose all hope.

I want to…no, long to experience life to its fullest. I want to stop and smell the roses, even when they may not be what I expected. Dave Matthews is right. So much we have dreamed.

And I will continue to dream…

I will always dream.

One day they will come true.


2 responses to “Soundtrack of My Life

  1. Wow! You have such an amazing gift. You should start a book! ILY:)

  2. Thanks Leah! ILY too! 🙂

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